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2016-17 YTT Graduates – Where are they now?

200hr Yoga Teacher Training prepares you to teach right upon graduation. It’s one thing for us to say that, but check the results - over our past 8 trainings 90% of graduates have been hired to teach yoga within 6 months!

Here is an update from some of our 2016-17 YTT graduates:

  • PJ Fritchman

    Since graduation, I've been teaching @ Namaspa, Bend during the Thursday Community Class and substituting classes as they occur. I also teach a weekly yin class @ Wren & Wild, downtown Bend. I can tell with each passing week, the JIP sequence is sinking in more to my core, I'm gaining confidence and teaching is much more fun than I initially anticipated. It doesn't feel like a 'job.' I love that I've started down this path, looking forward to continued growth and able to continue this skill for years and decades ahead.

  • Liz Skarvelis

    Everything has shifted, opened up, and developed! I'm teaching 4-7 classes/week at Namaspa and living my dream of making yoga a career. I'm currently the assistant manager and support both studios. The Namaspa YTT prepared me to teach, to stand for something, and to be in my power.

  • Kat Johnson

    NAMASPA has become my safe place. It is the place and the community were I can truly be myself and incorporate who I am in the way I teach. In the YTT program I realized I was hiding from and fighting with my true self. Through my Baptiste practice, training, and teaching I am learning to give up control, be messy, and live in the present. It is an ongoing journey traveled every day as I practice yoga and teach. I teach the Redmond Friday night Shake Your Asana and the Redmond Saturday morning Hour of Power. I love bringing joy, happiness, and contentment through my teaching knowing we can all be who we are.

  • Zoe Christ

    I've been living with my heart open and consciously loving everyone I come into contact with. I've become more accepting and gentle with myself. I've stopped habitually doing things that were expected of me (by myself and others) and focused on living as my authentic self. I've learned to make healthy choices for myself without the cycle of guilt and regret. I've been freer and happier and more connected to the universe, than I have been in years! I'm listening to my instincts and seeing the blessings everywhere in my life. I'm taking charge of my life instead of drifting along. My children see the process and its affecting them in a positive way. Robert and I are getting married this August. I've moved to Bend. I'm starting my own clothing business. I'm HAPPY!!! Yoga is a way for me to practice self love, stay grounded in the moment and thrill in the happiness of my body and soul. The holistic teachings of YTT have changed my life by helping me discover/rediscover the tools I needed. I've gained an AMAZING tribe in the process. I see actively teaching yoga in my near future.

  • Anna Kaufman

    Since graduating from YTT in February 2017 I've seen a complete shift in my whole approach to life. I'm no longer operating from a space of fear and expecting the worse case scenario, but rather acting from a place of trust and confidence. I truly feel I have the power to share my feelings and know that I'll be heard. I also no longer feel the need to form into any mold for anyone else. I can own exactly who I am and just be completely happy in that space. I feel such a deep connection to my mind and body, I've been able to hone in on areas where I've been stuck and begin to work through those to get to the root cause. So many amazing tools! I have the complete confidence to start my own business. My time management and willpower to stick through challenging situations has drastically increased to a point where I actually feel like I have head space and time to breath throughout the day. I am more present with myself and others, and I'm able to make choices that I truly feel are best for me without hesitation. I'd say overall I have gained more flexibility in my mind and now have the ability to go with the flow (more so than before), adjust to change, and not crash and burn when something bad (or something that I think is bad, wrong, or unplanned) happens. I've gained the tools of self love, communication, and space. I've also gained an amazing love for my home practice and meditation. I am currently diving deeper into the healing world of Yin Yoga and working on how to incorporate a healing yoga protocol into my work, that will ultimately connect yoga and nutrition therapy as a source of transformation and lifestyle shifts. I am teaching Tuesday Yin at 7:00 p and Wednesday Yin 5:30 p both at the Bend studio. I am sharing the Tuesday community class with a few lovely gals so you can find me on the schedule every 3rd Tuesday or so at 4:00 p in Bend. I am also teaching a mindful morning flow at 7:00 a at Wren + Wild.

  • Kari Sieler

    I'm teaching at Namaspa and a couple of gyms, as well as subbing everywhere I can!! I'm seeing big possibilities in developing my own niche and love the vision I gained from YTT!

  • Bailee Buckendorf

    Since the moment I said YES to the NAMASPA YTT my life has shifted in subtle AND drastic ways. I went into the program knowing about yoga and liking the idea of teaching and making a career out of it. Most importantly, I went into the program as a new mother of two, two and under. I was struggling with severe postpartum depression and was desperate for a way to get back into my body (mentally) and gain mental/physical strength again. I was desperate for something to connect me to my power and confidence again. 1. Since graduating I now confidently carry myself in this world, in motherhood and in every day with an “I AM READY NOW” (-Baron Baptiste) ATTITUDE. I learned that perfection is what is available in this exact moment no matter what and that I can expand from where I am as a person, RIGHT NOW. 2. I learned that most everything that was holding me back from my biggest desires and dreams in this world were just made up stories in my head. I made up my own limitations and this program opened my awareness that I COULD TELL A NEW STORY!!! Best day ever when I gave myself permission to let go of what didn’t serve me and say GOODBYE to the lies that held me back from my fullest potential. 3. As far as my daily life in motherhood goes, I can handle the chaos. I can handle the constant change. I can handle the messes and I can be present for all of my relationships without feeling overstretched. I still have yet to master all of what neutrality is, but I got a pretty sweet taste of the blissful balanced feeling it can bring. Overall, this program gave me the door to ME again and gave me permission to walk through that door to get to know myself. The first weekend there I belly laughed for the first time since having my second child. I cried many tears of release and stood powerfully in the storm of postpartum depression one chaturanga at a time. This program opened up HUGE career possibilities for me. I am opening a beautiful new studio and bringing YOGA to my rural farm town in Eastern Washington with my mother. I have an online HUB that I have always dreamed of with the focus to help women, like me THRIVE in motherhood + every day through the same principles I learned in this program. The NAMASPA community is the absolute best. This program is for anyone that wants a taste of THEIR BEST SELF. Namaspa is the space holder that allows the student to walk through the process of life, judgement free. I can’t even rave about it enough!

  • Patty Walker

    So many things have opened up for me since I graduated from Namaspa YTT. I always believed in manifesting what I needed in life, and I manifested making YTT happen last fall. Thought the process, I learned so much more than just yoga. Through yoga and meditation I've been able to manifest amazing things in my life. I have better ways of dealing with stress in my life. And I've made some of the best, life-long friends. I teach at Namaspa Bend and Redmond Studios.

  • Jaimie Hamman

    Since graduating I have had to walk the talk. At first I was hesitant with each step, now I am full on skipping along this path. I am teaching two classes in the Redmond Namaspa Studio 9:30 AM Tuesdays and Thursdays. Wednesday nights I teach at 1440 for a YIN class, Tuesday afternoon an ALF class at Brasada Ranch, and starting July 6th I will be teaching Thursday 6pm at The Box Fitness 541. This is a full schedule for me but still I find time to sub other classes and play outside in the sunshine.

  • Stacy Davis

    YTT was a valuable experience for me on and off the mat. I deepened my practice, gained the skills and courage to confidently teach vinyasa, yin, and restorative yoga classes, formed new connections within my yoga community, and strengthened existing relationships with friends and family. Prior to YTT, I often experienced anxiety about the future. Through this program, I reconnected with the value of presence and gained the ability to comfortably engage in the NOW whole heartedly. I am currently practicing and subbing in both the Bend and Redmond Namaspa studios along with many of my fellow YTT graduates!

  • Amanda Bird

    What has opened up for me? My heart! Which then increased the volume of my voice. I believe this happened when I roared like a lion in the middle of a weekend training, but that Lion has been inside of me my whole life. Prior to YTT I struggled to be myself and speak my mind, even with family, friends, and coworkers...I was embarrassed about being quirky, socially awkward, and slightly dyslexic. Now, I'm a yoga teacher! Currently, I am subbing in Bend and Redmond 1-3 times a week. I can TEACH a room full of (mostly) strangers. I get to BE with them, and share how this practice has positively changed my life. I can speak new languages; sanskrit, human anatomy, physiology, Baptiste Methodology, and The Heart. And the friendships! Before Namaspa and YTT I had never encountered so many people who are FOR each other, who support each other, and hold each other accountable in the best way possible. These are REAL friendships that will last a very long time. In fact, I traveled over to Albany, OR with a car full of Nama-friends for a Masterclass with Baron Baptiste.The fact that the whole ordeal seemed natural, like I was meant to be in a car with these friends and in a room with this incredible yoga teacher solidified my belief in myself and this journey. So much love.

Central Oregon residents only--1 per student.
Begins on the first day of your paid class and applies to both locations. No refunds or extensions.

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  • "We stopped in for a drop in class and we felt at home. The studio is beautiful, the staff is friendly and so are the visitors. The owner, Nancy, is an exceptional yoga teacher and the nicest person. She took time out of her evening to educate us about Bend. If your're looking to practice at a great yoga studio, Namaspa is the place!"
    David Lutz
  • "Each class I have had the pleasure of partaking in at Namaspa has been uniquely moving. I highly recommend this studio for a sensational spiritual and grounding experience to any individual seeking balance of body and mind!"
    Kayla Payne
  • "I love Namaspa - great teachers who love what they do and it shows, numerous class options for busy working mom's like me, calming and inviting atmosphere and affordable class pricing options. I encourage you to check it out! Namaste."
    Molly Renner
  • "I keep going back to Namaspa for massage because I love the atmosphere and calm there. Suzie also get the knots kneaded out every time."
    Steven Park
  • "I love Namaspa It does not matter what level you are at in Yoga or what your age is. In class you will find people at different levels in their practice as well as all ages. You are made to feel welcome. Everyone is friendly and always willing to help you out. It's a great place for yoga and an awesome community."
    Sharon Page
  • "For the past 4 years I have found Namaspa to be a wonderful place to breathe, detox, connect with a very welcoming crowd as well as myself. I have grown so much and I am always learning and realizing more about my ever-expanding self. Namaspa is a great place for anyone interested in self discpvery and SAVORING LIFE!"
    A Google User
  • "Namaspa has been like a second home to me this past year. Yoga here truly is for EVERY body. No matter if you are new to yoga or a seasoned yogi you will feel a sense of community as soon as you walk through the front door. Come and check it out!"
    A Google User
  • "Love the warm welcome here for all levels of yogis. Really experienced and beginners all sweating together, felt great. A challenging class, and there are ways for everyone to practice, no matter what your mind says. I love Namspaaaaah!"
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