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2013-14 YTT Graduates – Where are they now?

200hr Yoga Teacher Training prepares you to teach right upon graduation. It’s one thing for us to say that, but check the results - over our past 5 trainings 90% of graduates have been hired to teach yoga within 6 months, and an amazing 100% of our last graduating class have been hired to teach, either at Namaspa or other studios and athletic clubs in Central Oregon! Here is an update from each of them:

  • Beth Brown

    I am currently on the sub list at Namaspa and just got hired with Juniper Swim and Fitness. The thing I most learned in YTT was that I am good enough to do anything I want. I really did believe the lies I had been telling myself all those years. The thing I was not expecting to learn from YTT was how comfortable I am now with myself and how I do not need to make huge stories out of everything. My future plans are to continue on as a sub for Namaspa and Juniper S&F, working anywhere from 1-4 hours a week.

  • Michael Bongiorno

    Since graduating from YTT I have started teaching regularly at Namaspa Studio. Namaspa YTT has created concrete results in my life, both professionally and personally. I have discovered the confidence in myself that had been buried for so long. I go after newprojects and opportunities with a Yes attitude with a true understanding of my own greatness. I am a more confident public speaker with both my co workers and friends. I stand stronger in my own self and I recognize fear as not being who I am but really just anold habit that I didn’t need. The most welcome tool of all is the ability to take life on with ease. I find I am less susceptible to what life brings, less “messable” with. And I must say, it makes life a lot more enjoyable! What I gained from YTT has created a strong thread (sutra!) through all aspects in my life. My plans now are to offer yoga classes to musicians and artists out onthe road. Yoga should be available everywhere to everyone, and many of my peers rarely have time to seek out a studio on the road so I want to bring it straight to them.

  • Pete Pennington

    I have greatly enjoy continuing to teach community classes at Namaspa and continue to grow in that community. On the mat, my awareness of my body, breath, dristi and mind in asana matured greatly by virtue of learning to direct others in finding their own seat in the flux of flow of a vinyasa practice. This presence in my practice has continued to evolve with continued teaching and now the 40 days program. I find it joyous. Off the mat, the same awareness, or peace, a feeling of being at home with myself comes more naturally and frequently since the training. I more often try easier, focus on the space between the wobbles and let go of the story. I needed the studio, a place near my house where I could go and somebody would smile and say “hi”. I’d like to go to San Francisco next year. Due to their extraordinary bad-ass nature, the rest of my plans are classified.

  • Melinda Cotner

    What I learned in YTT that has helped me the most is the power of using essential language. I learned to be purposeful in my speech and give space and time for my words to be heard. A surprise benefit of YTT was how much it shook up my whole perspective on life. I thought I was in for a great yoga teaching program, but then amount of self study and personal growth really got to the core of where I was teaching from. Giving up the concern for looking good and really being able to stand in the front of a room and teach a yoga class from a space of being for others, there’s nothing like it. During YTT I opened a studio in my home in Corvallis and have been teaching there every day since. Currently I am working with a fitness company creating a yoga program for athletes and researching where to open a larger studio.

  • Brandy Berlin

    Since completing YTT training in February 2014, I have been subbing classes at Namaspa and continuing to instruct yoga at the high school where I teach. I will also be hosting community classes through the “NamaSummer Outdoor Yoga Series” Sundays in July and August from 11:30am -12:30 at my home in SE Bend. YTT taught me to sit with my challenges just as they are, to remove the story behind it, and deal with situations responsively rather than reactively. It sharpened my powers of observation and awareness both externally and internally. One unexpected benefit of my YTT program was how much my energy and enthusiasm inspired others to try yoga and even go for the YTT themselves. I will continue to deepen my practice by completing Baptiste Level 1 training in June, Level 2 in September or April and apply for certification by Spring 2015. I also hope to take on my own Namaspa class, create a teen personal development program based in yoga philosophy and co-author a book about raising teens in the modern world.

  • Linda Taylor

    “We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen.” -Paulo Coelho

    This quote resonates with me when comparing where I was prior to YTT and where I am now as a yoga teacher. I had no idea what was in store for me when I signed up for YTT but I was open to change, I was open to finding a more fulfilling route in my life. I knew I wanted to give back to the yoga community, I just had no idea more gifts would be revealed. The YTT program in a sense helped me find my voice, I had always had “issues” with speaking in public and somehow class after class, digging deeper into my authentic self, actually trusting me and allowing my spirit to shine, I heard my voice! It had been there all the time, I just couldn’t find it. I love teaching yoga; there is a part of me that just comes to life. I love the meditative flow, the healing, both physically and emotionally, friendships, and community. I am continuing to grow as a teacher, to learn more, to experience more life, more happiness, more love and guess what? I get to give that away and in return receive even more. I am currently teaching at Namaspa and Max Fitness and loving this new chapter in my life.

  • Kelly Nie

    BLISSI am beyond grateful for the YTT I received as a yoga teacher from Suzie and Nancy at Namaspa. I currently sub classes at Namaspa! The most valuable lesson I learned from my training is that we are all our own teachers on our mat. As long as you are breathing, you are doing yoga. I expected to complete my teacher training and leave feeling inspired, whole, and blissful. What I didn’t expect was a community with Namaspa and lifelong mentors, friends, and to me, a family. I am looking forward to more teaching opportunities in my future!

  • Jessica Perlenfein

    Since YTT I have been teaching 2-3 times a week at Nicoles power yoga studio here in my hometown of Albany. In the YTT program I not only learned how to teach a yoga class, but so much more about myself. I learned how to completely step out of my comfort zone. Which was somehing I had worked so hard at staying in and had actually become very successful at it too. I had always been so quiet and shy. I was ready for a new story. Signing up for the teacher training I didnt know how or if I was going to be a yoga teacher, I just knew I loved yoga and wanted to share it with everyone I knew. But slowly through the training the layers of shyness and self doubt peeled away and by the end it happened. I was teaching. And I loved it! I am so excited to continue my journey. This June I am heading to the a Level 1 Baptiste teacher training in Sedona Arizona. Where I hope to continue learning more about myself, yoga and teaching.

  • Cathy Lawgates

    Since YTT I am on the sub list at Namaspa, and have been teaching there and continuing to volunteer teach at Mt. Star Family Relief and Bethlehem Inn. I will be teaching a fundraiser yoga class in the park for Relay for Life. I have also subbed some classes at the Redmond Athletic center. The YTT training really empowered me to realize that I am a teacher and inspiration just by my practice and example. I had no idea I’d really teach after the program, but I’ve found that I enjoy the practice so much and I love to share it with others. I especially like that I am doing volunteer classes and giving back to our community on a regular basis. In continuing my education and experience, I just keep learning, again and again, that it is only my mind that limits me in what I can do. My practice continues to evolve as I move past my fear and try new things. I want to keep teaching and learning and evolving!

  • Brie Gonzales

    Since finishing YTT, I have been subbing classes at Namaspa and at Fitness 1440. Also, I’ve been helping teach yoga to friends and family using the skills I learned in training. The thing that helped me the most in this training in particular was the feedback process! I find it incredibly helpful to hear how my teaching could improve in a delivery that’s completely honest and non-judgmental. Surprisingly, I’ve also noticed a huge shift in confidence as a teacher and person in general. I’ve applied my new-found confidence toward everything else in my life, including my ability and desire to play my violin with/around others. I plan on continuing improving and strengthening my yoga practice and teaching as frequently as the opportunities preset! I am open to growth as it comes and am excited for the future of my yoga teaching experience.

  • Mary Paulson

    My name is Mary and I graduated in YTT in early February of this year. I learned so many valuable lessons in YTT. I thought it would be only about yoga, but really the YTT was so much more. My YTT partners are now life-long friends that know the authentic me and I them.I learned valuable lessons about myself and my world and how I choose to live in that world. Prior to YTT I lived with a guarded heart; today, today I live with an open, vulnerable heart that dares greatly.

    In addition, I did gain the tools to teach a strong, effective yoga class that addresses physicality, but also the mind and the heart. I currently teach a Yin and a Vinyassa Flow class at the Redmond Athletic Club. I bring yoga to a group of people that would not yet come to a yoga studio. I offer both the ability to practice yoga on and off the mat. I hope to bless them with the gift of yoga, and the gift of laughter and fun while practicing yoga.

Central Oregon residents only--1 per student.
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  • "We stopped in for a drop in class and we felt at home. The studio is beautiful, the staff is friendly and so are the visitors. The owner, Nancy, is an exceptional yoga teacher and the nicest person. She took time out of her evening to educate us about Bend. If your're looking to practice at a great yoga studio, Namaspa is the place!"
    David Lutz
  • "Each class I have had the pleasure of partaking in at Namaspa has been uniquely moving. I highly recommend this studio for a sensational spiritual and grounding experience to any individual seeking balance of body and mind!"
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  • "I love Namaspa It does not matter what level you are at in Yoga or what your age is. In class you will find people at different levels in their practice as well as all ages. You are made to feel welcome. Everyone is friendly and always willing to help you out. It's a great place for yoga and an awesome community."
    Sharon Page
  • "For the past 4 years I have found Namaspa to be a wonderful place to breathe, detox, connect with a very welcoming crowd as well as myself. I have grown so much and I am always learning and realizing more about my ever-expanding self. Namaspa is a great place for anyone interested in self discpvery and SAVORING LIFE!"
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  • "Namaspa has been like a second home to me this past year. Yoga here truly is for EVERY body. No matter if you are new to yoga or a seasoned yogi you will feel a sense of community as soon as you walk through the front door. Come and check it out!"
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  • "Love the warm welcome here for all levels of yogis. Really experienced and beginners all sweating together, felt great. A challenging class, and there are ways for everyone to practice, no matter what your mind says. I love Namspaaaaah!"
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