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Coronavirus Response

We are open for In-Studio classes in BOTH of our locations! It is wonderful to be back in person with many of you - tears of joy are mixed with sweat! Haven't been in yet? Read on for the awarenesses for being together:

  • Please be mindful to keep UJJAYI breath (though your nose) and not breathe out your mouth, or give sighs or lion's breaths. The teachers will be listening and providing reminders as needed.
  • Going forward we will either lead silent OMs, humming OMs or have you put your mask on for your OMs.

Thank you for your patience as we work to improve the Audio in our Zoom classes. We have made several adjustments this week to improve the sound quality. If you paid for a class with poor audio, please email [email protected] and we will credit you for that class.

See below for the full list of process notes you want to be aware of.

Bend studio Phase 1

All classes in Bend and Redmond are open for registration. Process notes to be aware of:

  • Please sign up for class online in advance - pre-registration is required
    • Notice that we will show 2 classes on the Bend schedule - "IN-STUDIO" classes are located in the "Bend Main Studio" and one "Online via Zoom" are located in your home space. You must be registered in the "IN-STUDIO / Bend Main Studio" class to enter - this is limited to just 10 students per class. There will be Waitlist of 5 students which we will clear at least 30 minutes before class. If you have any issues signing into class, please email us at [email protected].
    • Redmond will only have one class in "Redmond Main Studio". With only 9 spots available, however, we will have the same waiting list and cancellation restrictions.
    • We have created this online document to help you check class availability. We'll keep it updated each day (the date and time of the last update is listed at the top), so you can easily see if there are spots open. Additionally, please know that if you are able to "sign up" for class, it means there is space available. 
  • Check in begins 20 minutes in advance of class, and we will ask you to sign a release, and we will have a temperature checker. 
  • All of our teachers commit to staying home - and we will ask this of you as well - if they or you:
    • Have been around anyone else who has exhibited cold symptoms, or was known to have COVID-19 in the past two weeks
    • Have experienced any cold or COVID-19 symptoms within the past 2 weeks (especially fever, cough & loss of smell/taste)
    • Have a temperature of 100 degrees or more
    • Have traveled outside of Central Oregon or housed with someone who has in the past 2 weeks
    • We also recommend that stay home if you or someone you live with are high risk - this is for your own safety and well-being

in-class check in and temperature check

  • Please wear a mask - we ask you wear it any time you are in the lobby, entering or leaving, or during OMs (you can take it off at your mat where 6' distancing is guaranteed and you are breathing Ujjayi - through your nose). We will have masks to provide if you don't have one.
  • Please keep 6 ft distancing from other students (floor markers and mat squares have been taped to help with this).
  • Please bring ONLY what you need for practice - your mat, block, strap, towel and water bottle. There will be no cubby storage and no rentals, and we have removed all accessories from the studio, including blocks.
  • Please arrive early for class - the door will be locked at class start to allow the teacher to control the environment.
  • To allow for as many students as possible, we will be enforcing a strict cancellation policy, so please cancel by 8 hours prior to allow others to have a chance to sign up. You will be charged for the class if you do not cancel within 30 minutes to class start - $10 if you have an unlimited pass. If you are waitlisted for class, know we will clear the waitlist no later than 30 minutes prior to class - after that time you can email us at [email protected] to see if there have been no-shows. You could also come to the studio - we have space in our upstairs studio that you can use to practice to the class via Zoom if you don't get into the downstairs class.
  • Practice with ujjayi breath - through the nose with your mouth closed through class. This is the breath of Baptiste Power Vinyasa Flow classes anyway, and will help reduce breath aerosol spray. Please keep big open mouth sighs or lion's breaths for your home practice. OM with your mouth closed or put your mask back on.

We have invested in cleaning products and processes to help sanitize our space, including:

  • Air purifiers for each studio which kill germs and viruses with ultraviolet light.
  • Floors and high touch surfaces will be cleaned before and after each class with disinfectants proven to kill COVID-19.
  • All studio classes will also be heated to 90 degrees with added humidity, an environment not conducive to the spread of COVID-19.
  • We have removed high-touch amenities such as tampons and hair ties, but if you need one of these just ask.
  • We will of course have plenty of hand sanitizer for you to use.
  • We request that you fill in the studio from the far side to the door. A shoe caddy will be provided, and exit will be out the back door(s) of each studio. 

If you prefer to practice at home, good news - ALL of our classes will take place through Zoom as well! You will see two signups for most in-studio classes on the Bend page - one for the studio and one for Zoom. Once the studio space has been filled, there will be a waiting list, but the online space is virtually unlimited. If you practice in Redmond, please still use the Bend schedule page to sign up for Zoom classes.

Additionally, ALL Healing Flow, Yin and Nidra format classes will continue to be held by Zoom only for the time being. We have loved being able to use pillows, blankets and cushions at home for these classes, and even to practice right in the comfort of our own beds, so in the absence of props at the studio it seemed best to keep these online. If you love these classes and haven't tried the online yet, do yourself a favor and tune in - it is a very special experience.

Most of all, we want to express our APPRECIATION to YOU, for standing by us through our closure and this Phase 1 re-opening. We have loved staying connected with you through Zoom, and we are committed to rejoining you in person in the safest way possible.

Helpful information for Zoom classes

* Process to register for an online Zoom class: sign up on the BEND studio schedule - put yourself on the class roster for the "Online via Zoom" class and we will email you with a Link to the class. In you sign up more than an hour in advance you will receive a confirmation email, and your Zoom link will come about one hour before class. Note: the emails are sent from: FitGrid x Namaspa Yoga and Massage - please be sure to check your spam, promotions and updates accounts, and if you don't see it email us at [email protected] You also might want to download Zoom on your computer or put the "Zoom Meetings" app on your phone - otherwise the link will prompt that if you don't have the software

* Haven't been into Namaspa before? You are welcome to purchase our Introductory Special (typically just for Central Oregon residents) - $39 for one Unlimited MONTH of classes! Use this pass to access the Online Zoom Classes AND our recorded classes on the "Audio Classes (web)" tab.

- Has it been 6 months or longer since you've been in? Email us at [email protected] and we will hook you up with a "Re-Do the Intro" pass for $39

- Feeling strapped for cash? We understand many people aren't working right now and we don't want that to inhibit your chance to do yoga. Email us at [email protected] and let us know what is going on and we will get you a price-reduced pass. 

* Do you live in another timezone than US-Pacific? You can still practice with us live, however, to sign up, please email us at [email protected], because Mindbody online may think the class is already over due to the time difference. You could also reset your phone to US-Pacific time just so you can put yourself in the app.

* Your yoga pass also gives you access to our library of Audio classes, meditations, and prior zoom classes. Many of these classes were recorded live in our studios in the days before we had to close. You can only access these links from a web browser. Go to this link, enter your Mindbodyonline username and password (which you will set up when you buy your pass) and click on the "Audio Classes (web)" tab to see the full array of links. If you don't have an unlimited, pass, the link will charge your class pass - however you can bookmark it in YouTube and come back to it as often as you like for no additional fee.

* Additionally, are posting livestream meditations at 8am Pacific each morning free public Facebook group called, Come As You Are From Wherever You Are, which also has postings of our zoom recordings and postings on social justice issues. You can access this group from our Namaspa Yoga & Massage page -  another great way to stay connected from your living room!

* We have also moved our KIDS classes to Facebook Livestream, so they are FREE! Kids Yoga 8:30-8:55am on Mondays, Baby & Me Wednesdays 10-10:30am and Family Yoga Fridays 10-10:30am - tune in on our Namaspa Yoga & Massage Facebook page.

See you soon in-studio or in Zoom!

Suzie, Brandy and the Namaspa Teaching Team

Central Oregon residents only--1 per student. Begins on the first day of your paid class and applies to both locations. No refunds or extensions.

Sign up using the form below, click above or call 541-550-8550

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