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2018-19 Graduates - Where are they now?

Our 200hr Yoga Teacher Training prepares you to teach right upon graduation. It’s one thing for us to say that, but check the results - over our past 10 trainings 90% of graduates have been hired to teach yoga within 6 months!

Here is an update from some of our 2018-19 YTT graduates (keep checking back as we are adding these as we hear back from them):

  • Elena Blackman

    The Namaspa yoga teacher training is one of the best investments I have made in myself. Namaspa’s holistic approach to yoga teacher training deepened my asana practice, broadened my knowledge of yoga philosophy, and fostered a period of self-study, which encouraged a personal breakthrough that allows me to be more open and to have deeper connections. I subbed classes at Namaspa and I'm currently teaching my fellow co-workers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Denver.

  • Tracy Cook

    There has been so many changes in my life since graduation. I am making an entire career change. I am going to be an aquatic aerobics instructor, and I am a yoga teacher. I know I am capable of achieving things that used to feel like they were only dreams. Now they are my reality. I teach chair yoga at Juniper Springs Senior Center. I also sub yoga classes at Fitness 1440 in Redmond and offer private classes.

  • Maritza Encinas

    My realization in YTT was that I desire more connection with others beyond my professional life. YTT helped me to connect to others, and allow them to move into my space which I found anxious at first, but very welcome once I learned to take more healthy risks like trusting new people with some of my vulnerabilities. I am currently teaching a yoga with horses in Sunriver, the Yoga Horse Tribe. You are welcome to join us!

  • Maria Finley

    Just seem to be feeling more confident of who I am! Teaching at Fitness 1440 in Redmond and Namaspa as part of the Internship program.

  • Susan Fox
    300hr Program

    I've been teaching yoga for about 25 years and this program helped me refine my cueing and the way I approach teaching. It helped me get out of auto pilot and think differently about what I'm saying and how it's landing. While I was a very successful teacher before I did the training, I believe I am an even better teacher as a result. It's always good to try to improve and go expand my comfort zone and I'm so glad I did this. I am currently teaching at Namaspa, Juniper, The Yoga Lab, and on retreats that I do around the world 4 times a year.

  • Josh Garner

    YTT at Namaspa gave me a whole new set of tools. I definitely learned more about yoga and teaching, but Namaspa has also changed the way I look at myself. There is a language / vocabulary thats stuck with me after YTT: “What story am I telling myself?” “Come from True North” “Leave them in their own discovery” All these little mantras have an associated memory from YTT, an experience that gives each lesson meaning. YTT also brought me into the fold of a wonderful family. I found a closeness and bond with my littermates and I was reminded of how important it is to actually connect with people. YTT did not free me of problems, but it's given me some new ways to handle them. I'm currently teaching at Namaspa in the Internship Program.

  • Jessica Holden

    YTT opened up a world of opportunity for me to grow and make a positive impact through yoga. Not only am I teaching Evoke Energy Yin at Namaspa and facilitating the Community Class on Wednesdays, I am now the Social Media Manager and one of the Studio Coordinators in Bend! From the first time I walked into the studio last September, I have felt fully supported and empowered by this community. I could not have asked for a more beautiful place to develop as a teacher, a yogi, and a human being. Namaste!

  • Kate Kerrigan

    In addition to teaching yoga, I was hired to be the Redmond Namaspa Studio Coordinator, which has allowed me to become more visible in the yoga community, apply myself in new environment, and learn some new skills. Doors keep opening and I am staying curious. Personally since YTT, I have learned how to incorporate more gratitude in my daily life, which creates more positivity all around. I have become much more compassionate and patient towards others and am learning how to be more vulnerable. A true growth experience. I am currently teaching at Namaspa Redmond & substitute teaching at the Redmond Parks & Rec.

  • Kelci Rhodes

    This program has caused adjustments during my practice that have helped me open my heart on and off my mat. Currently teaching at Namaspa.

  • Anneliese Sharpe

    I've found myself saying yes to situations that in the past I would have automatically assumed I couldn't do. My confidence has increased and, the unthinkable has happened, I can now comfortably touch my toes. Currently teaching at Namaspa.

  • Ann Marie Ulum

    The thing that brought me to yoga is part of my road, part of my story, I will listen to it and let the message do it's job. Give time...time. I'm teaching the Namaspa Thursday community class in Redmond. It is my happy time and I'm saying yes to every opportunity to sub classes! I passed Evoke Yin Internship so I'm ready to serve often in all formats!

  • Andrea Wordhouse

    I am able to accept, live and enjoy life...on life's terms. I've learned to accept what is happening in the 'now'. I've learned the importance of connection with community. Staying present. And...I've learned that I absolutely Love Teaching Yoga. Having a job that requires me to be present, grounded, connected and authentic is absolutely my higher power's doing. After YTT I am now part of the Recovery Yoga program at Namaspa as well as the Namaspa Foundation, taking yoga out into our community. Forever Grateful for YTT.

Central Oregon residents only--1 per student. Begins on the first day of your paid class and applies to both locations. No refunds or extensions.

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