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2017-18 Graduates - Where Are They Now?

Our 200hr Yoga Teacher Training prepares you to teach right upon graduation. It’s one thing for us to say that, but check the results - over our past 10 trainings 90% of graduates have been hired to teach yoga within 6 months!

Here is an update from some of our 2017-18 YTT graduates:

  • Lesley Barr

    I feel like I've come full circle teaching yoga at the very place my yoga journey began in 2011. I have had the amazing opportunity of leading the Sunday Community Class in Bend and the Tuesday Community Class in Redmond over the summer as well as subbing and practicing at both studios. YTT taught me not only how to teach but that yoga is a way of being, a way of life. So much possibility has opened for me and I'm so excited to see where this journey leads me.

  • Amy Coronado

    After graduating from YTT, I am currently in Namaspa’s Internship Program and have almost completed my 10 classes. I am excited for the opportunity to share classes with other Interns and get acclimated to teaching and being a part of Namaspa. I am also actively involved with Namaspa’s social media platforms and assist the studio manager in posting weekly. I am looking forward to the opportunities ahead for having my own regular classes at Namaspa and developing a deeper connection with the community and individuals seeking to deepen their practice by teaching privates. I have been subbing classes both at Namaspa and a local gym and have been approached for other teaching opportunities as well.

  • Lexi Rhodes

    Since my YTT graduation, I recently just completed my internship for power classes (whooohooo). Now, I’m going to continue subbing classes on the sub list as well as teaching in the community classes on tuesdays at 4. I’m also working to attend more trainings to get myself closer to 300hr certification, and plan to attend Level 1 in the next year. I’m so excited and honored to get to practice AND teach alongside everyone in our Namaspa community. 

  • Marisa Funk

    Since YTT has ended, I've been teaching yoga in the park, community classes at Namaspa, and am about to begin subbing classes there as part of the Internship program and in other fitness facilities. I feel confident in the teaching skills I've gained, and am so excited to continue growing as a teacher, a yogi, and as a human! Besides the knowledge of teaching and yoga I obtained in YTT, I also gained a huge sense of clarity that I wouldn't give up for the world. I feel that, for the first time in my life, I know what I want and I've given myself the permission to shamelessly go after it. I've experienced the ripple effect of yoga throughout my life - in work, in relationships, in everyday interactions. I am free to stick to my guns, set my boundaries, and love fiercely. YTT was the first step out the door, and now that it's ended, I'm so stoked to see where the rest of this journey will take me.

  • Ashley Stevick

    Everything is different now. The way I respond to people and events has shifted. A few days ago my morning adventure into the mountains went slightly awry due to a radiator issue. While there was somewhere else I intended to be, it struck me that sitting in the shade of a juniper waiting for a tow truck really wasn’t so bad. I considered how I would have responded prior to YTT. Likely I would have panicked. I would have indulged in a good amount of future tripping regarding paying for repairs, and my brain would have anxiously churned over how to get to Montana for my best friend’s wedding the following Saturday. I observed the thoughts and went a different way with ease. It was a neutral situation. I could have assigned meaning and made it difficult. I could have created unnecessary struggle and drama but I chose a different route. Sometimes it's not so easy; after all my brain spent the last 35 years operating from fear and scarcity. I recognize I have much more to learn, and I embrace where I am and where I'm headed. I teach in John Day, Oregon at a few different locations.

  • Greg Skarvelis

    Greg is a recent graduate from the Namaspa 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, and is already completed his Internship and been given his very own class!  Greg found the joy of yoga in 2016 and quickly realized he wanted to share the benefits and experience of yoga with others.   An avid motorcyclist and outdoorsman, Greg has found practical application of all that yoga teaches you.      

  • Jack Kaady

    Jack started practicing yoga in 2007 as way to decompress from a stressful job in high tech and stay in shape between taking various outdoor gorge sessions.  He began his practice at Flow Yoga studio in Hood River in a Bikram yoga class.  He soon realized that the static poses were too restrictive and made his way to a Vinyasa Flow class.

    That style resonated with him and a few years later he found “yoga mecca” when some classes at Yoga Samadhi and Flow offered Journey into Power (JIP), a style developed by Baron Baptiste and sometimes taught in a 90-95 degree studio.  This practice takes its inspiration from Ashtanga, Bikram and Iyengar styles of yoga.  Jack has been studying to improve his practice and knowledge of yoga ever since by taking various courses from the Baptiste Institute and Baptiste Affiliated studios.

    He recently completed his 200 hour teacher training at Namaspa Yoga School in Bend.  Before that he took Level 1and Personal Revolution from Baron Baptiste in Sedona and Tulum. In Tulum, he didn’t practice hot yoga, he practiced yoga, and it was hot!

    Most of all in this journey, Jack realizes the importance of yoga not only as a physical practice (asana) but what it offers through meditation and inquiry.  His class at Yoga Samadi in White Salmon, WA offers his students a vigorous practice, allows for modifications and suggested alignment to make this practice accessible to everyone who is willing to go on this satisfying and invigorating journey.  He looks forward to seeing you in class soon!

  • Liliana Sanchez

    Since graduation, I have been teaching at my community high school. Students range from athletes and some that typically don't engage in sports or physical activity aside from the P.E. class they take at school. I am also working on teaching at a correctional facility in a nearby city. I continue my daily personal practice. As well as keeping an open mind, continuing to grow as a human being and teacher. I've become involved in committees that address mental health awareness and support. I'll be taking a training with yoga behind bars, which will be instrumental in my endeavor with teaching inmates. I also joined a yoga club led by a fellow teacher at my studio. The sense of community is overwhelmingly present along with new frienships. Namaspa School of Yoga truly equipped me with the tools I need to fulfill my goals in life and as a teacher!

  • Jacob Robe

    I first started my yoga journey in the fall of 2017. I was given a Gift of Greatness pass by a friend to try yoga classes at Namaspa for a week. I found a true connection with my body, mind, and soul. I enjoy the love and community that is created here at this studio. In the Spring of 2018, I completed my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training at Namaspa. I have learned so much about my body, mind, and soul through yoga. I now have completed my Internship to start teaching Yin classes at Namaspa, and am working on my Power yoga Internship. I look forward to this journey as a teacher, also as a student, to help myself and others embrace the power within. Namaste beautiful souls.

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